Design and 3D Printing of Lightweight Advanced Energy Harvesters Made of Smart Materials

Processing Method of Wood Fiber Reinforced Filament


Three-dimensional (3D) printing is classified as a revolutionary, manufacturing technology. As the most abundant natural polymer, cellulose and its many derivatives have been widely studied for many applications. The combination of 3D printable polymers with cellulose-based feedstocks is therefore of critical interest. This review highlights many studies on 3D printing applications of plant-derived cellulose and its derivatives. Potential materials include cellulose ethers/esters, microcrystalline cellulose, nanocellulose materials, and other products. Focus will be placed on their roles and functions in 3D printing processes and the performance of the resultant printed objects. A feasible methodology to compose wood fiber reinforced composites as the filament material is developed. The outlook for future work is also provided, to underscore critical issues and opportunities.

Chenhao Li
Chenhao Li
Reinforcement Learning for Robotics

My research interests focus on the general field of robot learning, including reinforcement learning, developmental robotics and legged intelligence.